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What Pads do i need?

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do you know the brand of brake kits installed?
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Ok, i have a 89 mustang with the all disk brake conv. i dont have the paper anymore saying what type of rear brake pads i have to use, is there anyone on here that can help me?
my dad said something about Stainless steel brakes....
SSBS-Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. good brand. Go on their website and look up your application to see all the stuff they list for your car and you should be able to figure out which kits your car has. You may need to measure the rotors and count the pistons in the calipers. You may have to buy the pads from them or maybe they are a set you can buy at a store.
i have done all that, but they dont say what pads. :( and i was hoping someone on here might know what pads i need to use. Like off what other car? My dad thinks it was the 87-92 T-Bird but he cant remember.
You have to call them directly or email them and they will be happy to tell you. Just make sure you know which kits you have before asking them.
ok, i guess i will have to do that right away in the AM. thanks.

I hope someone might have an answer for me by the AM tho.
just to post for anyone else that might need this info. for my rear brakes from SSBC that kit number is A112-1 and the rear pads are off a 88T-Bird. and the rotors HAVE to be ordered from them if you need new ones, there isnt a subsitute for them.
Glad you told that, there might be others who needed to know that.
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