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What should i look for?

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So i might be buying my girlfriends uncles 1969 ford mustang fastback
It it gutted and stripped of 2 of the quarter panels and all doors hood and deck lid.
Body seems to be in good shape.
He has all the parts with some extras
All doors and deck lids and quarter panels are there just not attatched.
Has a brand new 351w Clevland Stroked and polished
Edelbrock intake.
1 8" rear end
1 9" rear end not attached
C4 Transmission
Power steering setup
All engine and tranmission and gauges and dash and interior are out of the car
What are some things i should look for?
What are some of the inherent problems i could face putting it all back together?
Any idea on how much i could expect to pay?
Is it worth it?
Thanks alot.

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For $4500 that's steal for the car/parts that you're getting!

If you're willing to tackle the work yourself and either have the tools or are willing to buy them then you can finish repairing the car and reassembling it. It WILL get costly if you have to farm the work out to shops.

The other thing that can add up is all the small detail parts and items that may be missing or damaged that will nickle and dime you. Depends on how far you want to go with the restoration and how "new" you want the car to look. Plus spreading the restoration out over time helps so you don't get all the costs at once, similar to what me and countless others do.

Is that engine a Windsor or Cleveland? You mention a "351w Cleveland" but the "w" after the 351 indicates a Windsor. If it is a w then it's most likely the original engine or the same type of engine the car originally came with. It would also mean the C4 and 8" would be original to that car. I would personally put the 9" in there though as they are stronger and more desirable and harder to find than a more common 8".

New weather seals, condition of wiring harnesses and the interior are other costs that you may face depending on how they are.
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Here's a link showing a quarter panel replacement on a 69 Sportsroof, Limited Edition 600 Restoration - Part 5

This will give you an idea what's involved and needed for it.
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