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What size tires are you running on your fox?

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I am planning to get some nice 10.5" rims in the rear and 9" rims in the front of my 1993 GT hatch. What size tires are you guys running on your foxes? I'm not too worried about the rim diameter size, just the width your running and do you have any problems with that size tire... rubbing, etc.
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Im running 225's now. Im waiting for them to burn up so i can stick on some 255's.
well when i bought my fox in september, it had 205s on it! on pony wheels.
i was planning on going to 225's on them, but i may buy replica cobra rims with 255's on them, so im not sure.. i love the ponies, but they are a little beat up. but then again, i could just buy tires, and get that new manifold i want..... decisions decisions
cool, I have 245's on my weld racing rims right now but I was wondering how much bigger i could go until I would have some real problems. These fit fine right now, no problems at all and they arent even up to the edge of the wheel well so Im thinkin, if I get the deep dish rims and round the lip of the wheel well, I might be able to squeeze like 275's back there. I might have to massage the inner wheel well a bit but Im up to doing it. Does anyone think this will work, I think so but I like to hear other people's opinions. Thanx

ive got 18" cobras with 245 on the ft. and 265 in the back and it rubs a little bit but it runs and looks good
I am currently running 245's on a set of silver 93 SVO wheels. (5 star ponies). I also have the Eibach Pro-Kit installed and the fronts only rub when you do a sharp turn at slow speeds. Other than problems!
Ive Got 15x8 Weld Racing Rims With A 28 X 11.5 Street Slick On It No Problem, If U Want To Put 275's On It They Will Fit But U Have Have To Take Off The Quad Shock, And Roll The Fender, Good Luck
I have a 91 gt hatch with the 2007 cobra wheels (17x9.5). I am currently using nitto 555's up front and the 555r in the rear. The front tires are a 235/45/17 and the rears are a 275/40/17. I didnt have to remove the quad shock or roll the fender. The only rubbing i get (which is very little) is when the suspension is at full compression. My suggestion is go with the 275's, but if your that worried about rubbing you can go with 265's.
cool, thanks for all your input everyone.
I have a 91 GT with 15x8 with 5.5" backspace cragar dragstars on the rear. I was able to get BFG 295/50/R15s on them. You do have to roll the Quarter panel lip up, and reverse the quad shocks. Note: you do not have to remove the quad shocks. The tires only rub a little bit on the inside if you try to do donuts. Backspacing is KEY! I have buddys running the same thing with welds. I have skinnys up front.:eyepoppin
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