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what size valves for windsor jr heads?

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as the title say, i'm needing two new valves for some windsor jr heads. i know they are 1.94 and 1.60 but what length? or how do i measure the length?

o yah, also how much worse gas milage will i get with them and maybe a cobra intake?
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You'll probably need the 4.911 length, that's the length to use with non rail or rollers.
thanks a lot!!!!!
Good luck with it.

And for the gas mileage question, you'll lose a small amount of mileage but not from the heads themselves but from mashing the gas using the power the heads gave you. :D

Actually, you won't lose much mileage, all things being equal, with installing the Windsor Jr heads.
ok, cool. i was wondering about the gas thing. Im now thinking i may go with a custom cam and port the stock intake (won't have the money for aftermarket one w/ custom cam). I'm hoping to talk to the guy at camshaft innovations on monday about whether he can build me a cam that will help keep my gas milage but still have a good improvement on power and a nice lopey idle.
also, forgot to ask. anyone think i'd be able to keep around 20mpg w/ a head and custom cam swap on 87? I bought this car cause it gets about 10 mpg more than my eclipse did but its not nearly as fast and want it to be able to compete with my dads old 99 cobra he had
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