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What stall speed for fox body with AOD trans?

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I am sure this has been batted around before but automatic transmissions are something I have always avoided. :sleep:

Now I have a 1989 fox body with 5.0 and AOD trans. I am looking at doing some work on the car this winter and will be replacing the stock heads with the better flowing GT40P heads from a Ford Explorer as well as the better flowing intake manifold. Next a slightly larger throttle body, a better flowing fuel pump and regulator, larger injectors, and cold air. And shorty headers with new exhaust. And a new cam. And that is everything (ha!).

I will be rebuilding the AOD so while I am at it I am wondering, what stall speed should I anticipate needing for the torque converter? The cam will likely be an E303 or similar. I am hoping that some of you folks have gone down this road before and will offer advice based on my intended mods. Thanks for the help.

Randy in Everett, WA
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My 89 LX has a similar engine set up as you are proposing. GT40 upper and lower intake, FloTek aluminum heads, B cam, 4.10 gears. I went from the stock converter to an 1800 stall, 2.0's short time and 13.2 quarter mile times. Upgraded to a 2800 stall, and no change whatsoever. Spent more money and went with a 3800 stall, and the first time I launched the car at the strip it actually scared me. The launch felt so violent compared to what i was used to. My times dropped to a short time of 1.65 and quarter mile times are 12.50. The car is very streetable with no problems driving around town. My recommendation is don't waste your time and money, go big, or don't bother at all.
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