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What stall speed for fox body with AOD trans?

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I am sure this has been batted around before but automatic transmissions are something I have always avoided. :sleep:

Now I have a 1989 fox body with 5.0 and AOD trans. I am looking at doing some work on the car this winter and will be replacing the stock heads with the better flowing GT40P heads from a Ford Explorer as well as the better flowing intake manifold. Next a slightly larger throttle body, a better flowing fuel pump and regulator, larger injectors, and cold air. And shorty headers with new exhaust. And a new cam. And that is everything (ha!).

I will be rebuilding the AOD so while I am at it I am wondering, what stall speed should I anticipate needing for the torque converter? The cam will likely be an E303 or similar. I am hoping that some of you folks have gone down this road before and will offer advice based on my intended mods. Thanks for the help.

Randy in Everett, WA
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts