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What to do about Nitto 555s during winter?

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I don't have the funds to get the FR500s and Continental DWS tires I want for the winter. I have some staggered black 18in Bullitts sitting in another room. They've been sitting since February.. only a year warranty on them though I believe so I want to get 555s on them and get them mounted so I can test them and make sure they're alright. By the time I have the funds to do it will probably be November. I'm in Maryland and although we USED to have really bad winters they've been pretty tame here recently.

Can I still put the Nitto 555s on and just drive carefully although they're summer oriented? Will I have to take them off and put my stockers back on until the summer returns? I figure running them up to 80mph on the highway for a good bit will let me know they're 100% but I would like to keep them on if I can especially since I'll be doing my suspension just a month after.
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I would go with the stockers for the winter. The compounds in summer tires become harder with cold weather resulting in less traction. Last winter in Cincinnati was extremely mild and I could have gotten away with using my Conti DWs, but I do not want to take the chance of getting caught in bad weather. I'm sure there is someone out there that throws caution to the wind and lives on the edge.:spineyes:
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Just spend the money and get winter tires I have 555's that I run from April until November 1st but once it gets below 45 degrees the get a little squirrely on the road and with the torque of the mustang not fun to drive while winter tires are made for temps below 45 degrees and work great up to about 4 inches of snow I drive my car all year and with the winter tires my car is still fun to drive even in the winter months. I run 17's in the winter and staggered 18's in the summer, I have done this for 4 years now and don't have any problems.
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You guys are right. I'm thinking about just buying the DWS tires for my stockers, maybe take them someplace to get powdercoated and just put the new tires on for the winter.

I believe I want 17s over 18s anyway for the winter, the more narrow the better right?
I just leave mine on....

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17's vs 18's refer to the rim diameter not the width I run the 17's in the winter because the smaller rims and tires are cheaper and their is a bigger variety of sizes of winter tires in the 17 inch size.
None of the Summer UHP tires will do good in cold weather and cold pavement.
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