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What to do next?

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I have a 2012 GT, all I have done so far is install LCA's. I wanted to get some opinions on my next mod. I was thinking either a Airaid CAI or HeartThrob cat-back. From reading it looks like both add about the same performance wise. Which ever I don't get now I will eventually get in a few months but I just wanted to get yalls opinions on each or how you like each if you have them. I'm waiting a little while on the tune, it will come just later on down the road.
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Exhaust for the sound(or sound and performance if you do full exhaust or cat-back), wider tires for the grip and putting horses to the ground, shifter upgrades since you have an MT. I also waited(until 10K miles) before I did any engine mods, was worried about "ticks" etc. Luckily everything has been great!
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