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what type of heads should I get?

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anybody recommend some heads for my 91.
how much labour would it be for install?
how much is a set of heads going to run me?
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For a completely stock car? What modifications do you have? What are the plans ?

Labor will probably be around $400-600 depending on who does it. It may be advantageous to change the camshaft while you are there.

I made a head-cam-intake swap article for this website. You can view it here with adobe acrobat reader.

You can get an idea of what is involved.
bbk70mm-tb,soon egr spacer,cold air induction,soon with MAF[if ghost dog still has what I want],headers,h-pipe,flowmasters.

I want to get heads,intake.
any ideas on what type of;
What else should I be doing to complete my air flow set up,I dont want to be creating the wrong amount of back pressure.
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