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Breaking news, the 7th Gen Mustang will arrive two years earlier than initially believed! 

Thanks to the North American Production Forecast report published by LMC Automotive and "leaked" on Mustang6G , we now know the 2021 Mustang will be designated S650.


This could indicate a similar relationship between the 6th gen S550 and the 7th gen S650 platforms as the S97 4th gen Mustang was to the S197 5th gen.

Start of production has been pulled forward to May 2020 instead of an originally planned January 2022.

With a new round of CAFE regs due in 2025, V8's will likely become less and less important to the Mustang brand unfortunately. We're not saying say goodbye to the 5.0 but we are saying get ready for a hybrid Mustang, lots of turbos and aluminium. It's going to come.




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