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the way its sittin after its painted looks like it doesnt have a motor.
very nice!! i love the before pics:bigthumbsup
Looks good i say tint the windows next.:bigthumbsup
yea, it had tint but it was flaked so bad and had a ton of wrinkes i just scraped it all off..

i might retint it later, but i had to get it painted and black interior in

that red interior made me sick.. scraped it all out and put sound deadener in it

wanted to post pics here to bring it back, its been sitting in my driveway for about 4 months now after i did paint and interior.. started on my 351w and since it was down and motor out i drove this one today

quiet and slow is sometimes better than fast and LOUD!!

ever heard a straight pipe 351w with turndowns and 1 chambers?
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Yup, I've heard a 351 like that.

It's always good to see before and after.
looks good man,

Definately get tint soon. That'll make it look great
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
Not open for further replies.