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What's my stock cam? 1990 5.0 engine

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Howdy, I'm dumping the EFi on the motor in my 1978 242 GT Volvo (1990Ford 5.Oh & matching 5-speed, Converse Engineering: Home of the "Volv8").
I've bought an Edelbrock Torker II & looking at an Edelbrock 1406 with electric choke. Has shorties that I'll be keeping for awhile yet.

Sorry to ramble a little but now to my post title question......
Do I have a factory roller cam? Reason I'm asking is I'm looking at the MSD 8582 Billet distributor & I think it will only work with roller type cam's. Is this the factory type of cam?

Cris in Colorado
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The 1990 5.0 H.O. engine had a roller cam.
The distributor's drive gear can be changed to accept the type of camshaft that you are using. Steel gear for roller cams, Iron gear for flat tappet cams. Personally, I avoid the bronze gears because they wear and the shavings from the gear wearing end up in the oil pan.

MSD and Ford racing have them, just make sure that you get the shaft diameter right. FYI there are some companies that press fit a cast iron gear onto their roller cams. I'm not sure exactly who does it , but it's good to know.
Beauty, thanks guys for the information, I appreciate it.
I was way off I guess, I thought they were called roller cams because of something to do with the lifters, not the distributor drive gear..
Yikes, so much to learn. I'm really glad I'm here.

Chris, they are called roller cams because the lifters actually have rollers (small wheels) on them. Roller cams are made from steel where a regular old style cam with flat lifters is made from cast iron. The cast iron won't hold up with the roller lifters, so a harder material (steel) is used.

The distributor gear has to be steel to use with the hard steel of the roller cam. The cast iron gear won't last.
If you have a stock cam I dont think youre going to like the Torker intake on that much, its going to kill alot of the 5.0s snappy throttle response and the cam and heads wont work enough up top to use that intake. Dont want to present another issue as a response to your question though, but just a thought. :bigthumbsup
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