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Whats needed with trick flow heads?

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I have a automatic 1990 mustang and plan on getting some trick flow heads from late model, engine gasket kit, e cam, arp head bolt kit.

Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Aluminum Cylinder Heads 170cc Small Block Ford 51400002M61 -

I plan on using my stock rockers and a e cam with those heads. yes i know i should get better rockers but i'm on a budget. I already have a full exhaust, cold air intake, 75maf, smog delete pulley, ford racing valve covers, with a cartech 5.0 bread box intake(has a stock lower intake dissapointed.gif). would I need better push rods or can I stay with my stock pushrods? would this be all that i need? this car will be a daily drive, i'm not trying to make it a racecar, just a fun street car. any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!
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You will need new rockers cause these are stud mounted.

Also new pushrods are a must as the stock ones will be too short plus you will want to upgrade to hardened pushrods also.
I will be getting those heads too, I just installed a tf1 cam,1.7 roller rockers on my stock e7 heads just to ride around till I get my heads and upper and lower intake also from trickflow I'm also just building a fun street cAr and learning in the process to later build a full built race car
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