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What's the best way to remove old stickers form glass & chrome?

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I've read of a lot of different methods: hair dryer, goo b gone, WD-40. What have you used that really worked well? :scratchchin

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For glass I normally use a razor blade. That usually gets most of the sticky too though if there's a little left some laquer thinner on a rag gets rid of that. I do this every year on my town permit sticker in the front windshield of my daily driver.

For chrome or even paint, I normally use some heat like a hair dryer or heat gun and pick at it with my finger nails or a plastic spoon so I don't scratch anything.

Generally I've found the newer the sticker the easier they come off. The newer ones will normally peel of in one or a few pieces while older stickers are more fragil and will break into pieces easier. Depends on what material and grade of that material they are made from too.
Steam to remove window tint

If you have tint on windows and it really baked on over time, use a steamer. I used type for removing wall paper. Worked great and can usually rent one from rental store. Also use very light soapy water mix. If you mix about a tablespoon of dishsoap with quart of water with hand spray bottle. You can chase it off. Takes a little time but a lot safer to window, etc. than razor blade. I have seen windows scratched from use of razor blades. Only use in tough problem areas. Keep a towel under work area as the steam condenses, you will need to keep area below dry.
As for stickers that may not easily steam off, try acetone or finger nail polish remover.
This stuff works good on what you are trying to do. I would not use it on painted surfaces though.

Welcome to the Goof Off Website
I've always used a razor blade to clean stickers, overspray, ect. off of glass and I've never made a scratch. I don't see how you could unless you use an old worn out blade or intentionally dug a corner into the class.
Will goof off safely work on chrome? The chrome is my biggest concern.

I've accidentally scratched a windshield with a razor blade. the blade was flat and the windshield wasn't perfectly flat. :nono:
On glass or chrome hair dryer to sofen the stickers and your finger nail or a plasticwedge (such as a spreader for bondo)(NO Razor Blades) You can pick them up for little of nothing at any hardware store. Then use Goo Gone (Not Goof Off -to volital-will remove paint) for left over adhesive then use a good glass cleaner to remove the oily residue from the Goo-Gone for the windows and Mothers chrome polish for your chrome.:bigthumbsup
Think that work with decades old stickers?
Yeah on glass i use a razor blade on chrome or paint a head gun but careful on paint not to burn it.Goo gone works wonders and if the chrome looks funny mothers mag and alum polish or neverdull will shine it up.
Great, thanks! I'll give it a shot.
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