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What's the best way to remove old stickers form glass & chrome?

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I've read of a lot of different methods: hair dryer, goo b gone, WD-40. What have you used that really worked well? :scratchchin

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For glass I normally use a razor blade. That usually gets most of the sticky too though if there's a little left some laquer thinner on a rag gets rid of that. I do this every year on my town permit sticker in the front windshield of my daily driver.

For chrome or even paint, I normally use some heat like a hair dryer or heat gun and pick at it with my finger nails or a plastic spoon so I don't scratch anything.

Generally I've found the newer the sticker the easier they come off. The newer ones will normally peel of in one or a few pieces while older stickers are more fragil and will break into pieces easier. Depends on what material and grade of that material they are made from too.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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