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Whats with the AC blowing warm air in ???

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Just gor my 2006 Stang Gt sat and it has about 100 miles on it so far.
was driving back the AC was blowing warm...I read the Mustang Guide and it says I should not have it HIGH...So I put the AC 1 down and sunday the same thing its blowing warm air in and I have it low....So today monday left my housr and the AC was blowing COLD for about 20 mins and then it went back to warm....Was wondering I think I read a few places about these things running slow???JohnnyT
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Running slow? About 1 minute after I turn my car on I'm getting cold air. I think you should talk to your Ford dealer about getting it checked out.
I forget to push the lower left A/C button sometimes.
When the compressor comes on in my car for the a/c it seems a little rough and sloppy at times. The engine hesitates slightly also.:cool: But cold air is OK
There was a problem a while back with some of the vent valve positions... but I think that was about it leaking hot air to the floor valves when in defrost, or with it in the higher modes (face, window) and cooler settings but it was still as hot as can be from the floor...

Maybe a visit to the dealer if you can't figure it out...
Well called my dealer up and he said bring the car over.
The local ford dealer is 20 mins away and while i was going there the AC started blowing COLD air for the 20 min trip.I was hoping it would start going HOT lol.Anyway dealer said theres nothing that they can do because its blowing cold air in.I told him IF it starts to blow warm air again i will bring it right in.....
I guess the AC is working ok now,maybe something was sticking in the AC or something.......JohnnyT:tongue

As a minimum the dealer should have hooked up the freon gauges to see if the system was properly charged. This would have taken about 5 minutes of their time. I had a similar problem with my super duty truck. There are two components that control temperature in a ford a/c system. One is located in the engine compartment and controls how the system routes air through the ducts in your vehicle. The other is located behind the dash and controls the temperature adjustment. I had to have both replaced in my '04 truck last month. Problem fixed.
thank you the AC is working fine now,,,,,Just wondering why would it take 3 days before it started to work?
3 days blowing warm air and now its all cold,just wondering maybe something was stuck or something...JohnnyT
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