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Wheel Hop fixes

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cheapest I've seen.

As a bunch of y'all start moving up the hp/tq and tire ladder you'll probably start to notice axle tramping and wheel hop.

The fix is either to adapt a quad shock setup from a GT (lot's of welding) switch to an aftermarket suspension system (griggs, MM, KB, Steeda, etc.,) or run traction bars.

Those are the cheapest I've seen, If you find more post 'em.
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redcobra03 said:
Those are generally used for leaf spring suspension, and "slapper bars" suck when you start getting into the larger HP numbers
You can never go wrong with hotchkis, your traction is as only as good as the parts you got on the car
No, they are used for coil suspensions, too.

I'd go with Steeda's aluminim lower control arms before I went to hotchkis, but that's just me.

The hotchkis components are probably more durable, but weight is an issue for 6ers.

Both Steeda and Hotchkis assume quad shocks are on the car for some control. The 6ers don't have the quads, which means you really should go to traction bars . ..
redcobra03 said:
I said generally, Not always, but if you want to be "that guy" with slapers on his coilspring susp. by all means go ahead. I understand that V-6's don't make as much horsepower as a V-8, but if your having traction problems now, why would you put lighter stuff on, don't count onces if you want to go down the track faster, your gonna need traction. you could by the lightest crap in the world and run it, what happens when it breaks, your back at square one redoing it all over again
The hotchkiss units were designed for quad suspensions.

The traction bars were designed for pre-quad suspensions.

The hotchkiss unit's without the quad shocks will not control the axle. You only have improved deflection from the bushings.

Steeda units have been used in drag racing for years, and they haven't broken.
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