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Wheel lock removal PLEASE HELP

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i recently purchased a wrecked 93 lx with 17x9 chrome cobra r's the person i got the car from has no clue about where the wheel lock key could be. any help on getting the wheel lock off would be greatly appreciated
thank you
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I used a really big and stron pair of pressure pliers to take one off once...heard that you could also try jamming the cross wrench into it as far as you can and hope it tightens itself enough around it to be able to turn it...try taking it to a wheel shop and see if they can do something
Just about ant tire shop should be able to take them off. They should have a kit that has all the masters in it. :smoke:
Take a 1/2 drive Craftsman socket one size smaller than one that will fit over the top of the locking lug. Hammer it onto the lug till it's jammed on there, and then use the ratchet to remove it like normal. Once it's off you can knock the lug out of the socket with a punch or the like from the back. Works like a charm, I've done it many times. I only use Craftsman tools for this jobs like this, that way if I would happen to waste it, Sears will give me a shiny new one, no questions asked.
If you do not have access to a wheel lock master key set, do what Saleen owner posted as I have gotten them off that way as well.
If they are Ford/McGard, the dealer will have the key - they're cheap too.

I had the same problem. Went to a local tire store and they had a socket with reverse strirations that fit over the lead edge of nut and with their pneumatic wrench it gripped the nut and backed it off.
like saleen owner said thats the cheapest and easiest way to get em off, i have to do it for people all the time, never has failed me.
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