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Wheel spacers

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I saw on another post someone used wheel spacers (1"). I was wondering if you would need longer studs, or the stock ones would work. Anyone know?
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i had a set of 1 ince wheel spacers on my car before i got the new wheels. They bolt on with your existing lugnuts and have new studs built into the spacer (these are not the same ones but you get the picture)
If your interested i still have all 4 and would sell them cheap. pm me if your interseted.
i liked ur car
is that a paint or vinly i have black gt like with red leather i was thinking to get red stripes but i liked the way yours is can u send me some pic of it and if its vinly where did u get it thanks
[email protected]
Thanks Crazyjj. It is paint. Check out the website

The pictures are under photos, then click on miscellaneous.
My husband did the airbrush. Make sure you see the one picture of the "ghost flag".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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