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Wheels/Tires Question for a 1990 GT

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Hi folks,
Newbie here...first post. I just picked up a 1990 Mustang GT. It has the stock turbine wheels on it. I'd like to put a set of the Cobra R wheels. I did quite a few searches here and on google as well and I just can't seem to find a straight I thought I'd ask you experts.

If I want to put a set of these on without modification of any kind to the car (no rolling fenders, etc)....what is the maximum wheel/tire size I can go with in the front and the back?

I was thinking of 17x9 with 245/40's all the way around. Does that work? Or do I need to get 17x8's?
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I have 17x9's with 255 45 17's on both. Had to roll the lips alttle bit.


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I had the turbines on my 89 but I went to a 5 lug conversion and now have 17 x 9 with 245 /40 /17 on all 4 corners on my 89 and I have no problem at all with the fitting.
I went 5 lug but have 17x9 275's in back 245's in front. Closer than I'd like but no rubbing so far!
i believe the max is 255.. however, if you remove the quadshocks you can go a little larger...
I have 17x9s up front with 245/45s and 17x10s out back with 275/40s, but this weekend I have a pair of 285/40s I'm putting on.
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