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where can i purchase straight pipes

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i was wondering where i could purchase straight pipes for a mustang gt and if there are clearance problems when installing them.thanks
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Straight pipes to my understanding means there nothing on the exhaust past headers its just "straight pipe". So no clearance issues and you can do it in your driveway just cut everything off. Not a good idea tho for obvious reasons you can just change out the muffler if you like or even put glass packs or remove it all together but leave your cats if your getting inspected and make sure whatever you decide the exhaust is routed away from the car and not melting anything

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Sounds like your just looking for sound so now we can help ! Straight pipes is such a specific question but if its sound your looking for there are many options.

02 shaker has it right it may be cheaper in the long run to get a custom setup but just because its "custom" doesn't have to make it expensive your not the first mustang to put on a new muffler and you won't be the last and I bet any shop you go to knows a thing or two about exhaust for your car so go there talk to them talk prices and see if you guys can agree on something. Probably just new mufflers would give you the result your looking for and that can be done right for under $100

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