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Where do I send complaints about my dealer?

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I have read in these forums over the last 9 months about buyers not satisfied with dealers, service, or just Ford in general. I am going to write a letter about my dissatisfaction with the way I was treated at the dealer and I am wondering who I should address the letter to? Of course I will send a copy to the dealer, but is there somebody directly above the local dealer that would be interested, perhaps a regional rep? I have read that people have not been satisfied with Ford's general customer service department. My complaint has to do with price protection and misinformation given to me by the dealer. Anyone with experience?
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This is where I had to send mine:

Ford Motor Company
16800 Executive Plaza Drive
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48121


Only took me 8 months and 10 trips to the dealer to piss me off that much. It was a 2 page letter, single spaced with a lot of detail, dates, problems, etc. I also faxed a copy to the dealer GM as well. They kissed my butt after that one.

Sorry to hear it has come to that - great car, but TOO MANY people from the individual dealerships to the company in general just don't seem to have a clue about who keeps them in business.
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BBB is also a good place to report complaints.
I contacted ford about dealer attempting to add 5k over sticker and was told each dealer is independently owned and ford cannot tell them what or how to do business. Which to me is f***n bs but good luck with your complaint
I guess that is part of my question. Each dealer is independently owned, but they still carry the Ford name. Therefore, I assume that they are responsible for maintaining the quality of that name. So, how does it work? Do the individual dealers report to a regional Ford rep?
It seems like Ford is structured much like organized crime. Keep the people high up disconnected to the people working for them so when they get caught they are not busted too.
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