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where is everyone located?

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i'm new to the boards so i was just wondering where people are located. i'm sure the question has been asked before so forgive me if i'm repeating it.

i just moved to a place called Bend Oregon a couple weeks ago. i'm starting the teardown of a 67 hardtop.

i look forward to hearing from everyone.

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Right now im living on the coastal area of North Carolina. Good luck with your '67! :thumbsup
Live in NJ by Philly Good luck on the 67 bout to start opening a can of worms with my 68.
north central Indiana....have fun with your '67! I'm in up to my ears on a '70 Mach 1....
I am in the Seattle, Wa area. I am about to start work on my 68 coupe as well. Needs it all but thats the way I like it. Lets me build it my way:happyhapp
Phila. Pa here!!!
Hello.:)Houston,TX .Good luck on your project.:)
Melbourne. Australia.....
Alameda, Cali ( Bay Area)
Im in Tampa, Florida here, but you won't see me rollin' in my 'stang any time soon :sosad:

Well, I call my home Brainerd, Minnesota which is also the place my mustang resides, but I am in Yokosuka, Japan serving my country in the Navy.
where is everyone located

Boca Raton, Florida. Drive a 67 Fastback 2+2, 289,4 BBL, C4, A/C. 3.25 lim.slip. Anyone else near me? I'd like to meet new Mustang people!!
Where am I

Columbia Maryland here, a little south of Baltimore....
where is everyone at

Lindale Texas, halfway between Dallas and Shreveport LA. Good luck on your project. Couple pictures of my '67 2+2 Fastback.:worship


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Greets from good old Germany :winks :winks ,

just restoring a 66-black-white-Coupé, bought one year ago.
Wasn't in promised condition :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: .
Saw it only on pix and believed the words of a growing US-Entertainer....
I hope to drive it on its 40th birthday: 4th of June 2006!!

I spent 21 years in Bakersfield,CA; although it looks like home will be in Houston, TX very soon (only because Veronica lives there:winks ).
Here's a pic of my daily driver.


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I'm live on Vancouver Island B.C. Canada eh!:eyepoppin


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Located in Pueblo, Colorado.....Currently working on my 1966 Mustang Sprint, 1966 Mustang GT Coupe and 1969 Mustang Grande...lots of work to be done, but hardly any time to work on them!!!
New here, but not to the hobby. Albuquerque, New Mexico...and no, I didn't drop it in the weeds.
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