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Where to Jack up the front on 98 GT?

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I wanted to jack up the entire front end with the 100lb floor jack I recently acquired. I've seen several posts that state that many Mustang owners jack up the front end via the crossmember, but I had my jack slip twice last night (thank gosh it didn't fall completely off :what:)

There is a very small decline where the car is parked (it wouldn't roll if it were in neutral,) and I have the rear tires chocked on both sides. The jack is a 3.5 ton with 21in of lift capability, so that doesn't appear to be the case. I've done a good amount of research, but I haven't been able to find much else when it comes to jacking up the front end.

I do have 2 different floor jacks, I suppose I could jack up each side by the jack spot behind the wheel high enough to get a stand under there, any other ideas?

I did find this diagram,Chad's 2000 Mustang GT American Racer -- Jacking Points , but it seems that the crossmember is the main place recommended to jack up the entire front end at the same time. And yes, I do plan on installing Full Length Subframes in the near future, but not an option just yet!

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behind the front wheels in the center of the car's underbody there are two frame rails. those are also jacking points. just dont place your jack too far back making the car front heavy once lifted. also dont forget to place a 2x4 under the wheels to provide clearance for the jack AND put them back before you lower it back down so you dont get the jack stuck under the car.
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