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WHERE'S THE HEAT (coming from)!!??

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I am noticing a large amount of heat emanating from the floor of the driver's side down by the pedals and around where the underside of the dash stops. Eventhough the vent/fan is off, there is still "hot air" blowing down by my feet. If the a/c is on it is not as noticeable but it has been a nice and cool 72 degrees in St. Louis, MO the past couple of days and I have not needed the a/c. By the way, the gauges all read normal. A friend mentioned an exhaust leak but my car is only an '04 and the odometer just turned 20,000 miles and I have not noticed a hissing noise, loss of power or anything like that.
Any suggestions?? :help:
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It's nothing more than heat transferring from the exhaust through the floorpan into the cabin. We all know that hot iar rises and that's exactly what's happening. You may be able to pull back some of the carpet around that area and install some additional heat insulation if you want to.
If that is the case, let me ask you this. I was going to install some ceramic-coated (Bassani Optimum Length) headers and an X-pipe (Bassani, as well) to go along with my Borla exhaust. Would that help the situation??
It could, or it could make it worse. The ceramic coated headers keep heat in the pipe. Now if you get shorties it might make it worse because there would be more energy in the form of heat stored in the system which could make things hotter where the headers end which would be right under your feet basically. If you get full length's it could make things a bit cooler.
My dad complained exactly about the same thing, he's like why do I always feel heat at my feet:hihi:
As a first time SN95 owner....I can tell you that I have been surprised at the amount of heat the car creates and actually lets into the driver area.
I agree it feels excisive but what are you to do?
THe only thing you can do is add more insulation unless you want to get into adding heat extractors somewhere.
Heat extractors??!! I am getting this really bad vision of a male version of a gynecologist appointment!! Just kidding. Seriously, what are they and how do they work?? I am going with the full length ceramic-coated versus the shorties so what you're saying is is that that is the better way to go, right??
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