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Which Cam Would get me the most power with My Engine Build

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I'm looking for the best cam to go with my engine. Is my cam good enough or can I upgrade for more power? I'm looking for power and don't care about MPG but do care about dependability and road worthy type driving. I just purchased a new Super Streeter AOD Tranny with 2000 stall Torque converter but it hasn't been installed yet since I just got it yesterday.

165 cc AFR heads will be installed at the same time of the cam.

What I currently have is....
4:10 rear end
Hydraulic roller Class II Camshaft Specifications:
• .050 Duration: 212° / 222°
• Advertised Duration: 279° Intake; 289° Exhaust
• Cam Lift: .295 Intake; .310 Exhaust
• Valve Lift: .493 Intake; .510 Exhaust
• Lobe Center: 107° Intake; 117° Exhaust
Camshaft Range Guide and Recommended
• Fair idle with lope
Approximate 8.75:1 compression ratio
• High performance rod bolts and nuts
• High rev lifters and performance valve
springs with retainers
• Double roller timing set
• Flat top hypereutectic pistons and moly rings
• High performance bearings
• Square decking of block
• Main saddle align honing
• Electronically balanced engine assembly
• Torque plate honing
• Computerized boring
• Precision crankshaft machining, oil hole
chamfering and polishing
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Well your compression is on the low side. Do you plan on staying NA or putting a power adder?
If power adder means nitrous, super charger, turbo or similar then I would have to say no.

I do have a 70mm TB and will add 24lb injectors and calibrated MAF meter to 24lb as well at time of replacing the heads and cam.
What heads & intake do you have.....:bigthumbsup
heads will be afr 165's outlaw and intake is still the cobra intake.
for that i'd go with a steeda 18......

and 1.7 rr's
Thanks Reggie, like always it sounds like great advice so I'll check into the Steeda #18 Street/Strip Camshaft and 1.7 Roller Rockers.

Getting my new super streeter tranny and torque converter installed in the morning :happyhapp:happyhapp:happyhapp

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