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I haven't been on I awhile due to upgrading my pony. Now I am stuck in between getting lock torque converter or a non - locking torque converter. It still has the original AOD trans I just don't know which one to get. Can anyone she'd some light on this?? Locking torque converter has a stall of 3000 non locking has a stall of 2200. I need the bigger stall but I don't want to buy the wrong one

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IMHO, it is very important that you speak with the torque converter builder (not a saleperson)....there are many factors that effect the actual rpm stall and they have the specific data to determine what you can have a converter that is rated at 10" 1800 & a 12" rated at 1800 as well but the actual stall will be different (by several hundred RPM in the same car) and is based upon the specific design of the converter vs, vehicle weight, gearing, HP/TQ.....and only, and I want to reinforce only the mfg will know what that is.....
Typically in a street car, a stall in the range of 1400-1800 is appropriate.

with regards to locking or non-locking,

The chev guys have a nice discussion point published on this.......
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