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Which muffler?

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What muffler do you think will go best with BBL long tube headers and BBK x pipe? I was told that the 40 series flowmasters are to restrictive and I need to get a free flowing muffler(borla,magnaflow,dynomax, race bullets,etc)
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if you want a great sound that is "different" than the traditional Flow, magns, etc...get The SLP catback.......I love mufflers.....just resonating chambers that flow thru.
Flowmasters are a little more restrictive than a straight through muffler like Bassani, Magnaflow, and the like but the hp difference is minor. You should base your muffler purchase more on the sound you like than on hp. I, personally, can't stand Flowmasters because they make a horrilbe droning sound at around 2,000 rpm and every other Mustang on the street has them. Go to and listen to some cars with similar combos as yours.
don't put any on it just let it come right out of the xpipe :p
I went with Magnaflow Magnapacks exhaust. They are just like the SLP exhaust. Try going to different web sites ( and find something that you like. Most sites have an area where you can download the sounds of their mufflers. My Magnaflow kit p#15677 came with fully welded straight thru mufflers, 2 1/2" Stainless steel pipes, & SS 3 1/2" tips. I love the sound of them. A good rumble at idle, and extremely loud when you get on it.
:worship MAGNAFLOW MAGNAPACKS. They are awsome!! and they are loud :evilchuck. Every one that has heard my car says that the magnapacks sound better than slp, flowmaster, steeda, and borla. GET EM you wont be disappointed
I think this is going to be my final set up:

BBK Long Tube Headers:

Magnaflow X Pipe w/Converters:

Magnaflow Magnapacks:

Look good?
Don't buy BBK headers. They don't make as much power as other companies headers do. Go with some Hookers or Bassani.
yo goto thats where i got my stuff and on exhaust stuff its free shipping, which is always good. so just do it and go there. and for me other than bbk for the headers i would get mac. and if i can remember correctly if u get hooker you have to stay with them for the mid pipe. if you want some other people's reviews on headers goto this link

and catbacks

mid pipes

any ways i hope that helps you out.
oh yeah heres a clip of a 03 gt with bbk LTH's a bbk catted x and magnapacks,BBKCatalyticXppipe,BBKLongtubes,03GT.mp3
I got flows put on my car when i got it because thats what everyone does to a mustang, as far as i knew then. Now with the x-pipe and the flows, idle sounds good and WOT sounds nice, but midrange is tingy and i dont like it. The traditional offroad h and flows sounds good but everyone has that same sound and its boring. I am gonna get some dynomax bullets tomorrow with turndowns, should sound interesting:)
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