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Which one Saleen or Vortech

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I am considering supercharging my 2005 gt, which one is better a saleen or vortech ? What is a root or centrifigal ? I live in Toronto, my mechanic warned me about driving the car in below freezing temps 32F/0C as the colder air shot will make more compression.I have been quoted around $ 8000.00 installed is this price in line ?
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I enjoy researching future possible mods for my car as well. I would not stop at vortech and roots. Also consider ATI Procharger, and Paxton as well. Do you want air to air or air to water intercooling??? Air to Air is good to about 800 hp and is less work than air to water. I would only suggest not going much over 420hp without doing some kind of engine build first. IMHO.

Good luck.
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Here is some info I got back from Vortech from the questions I asked:
  1. <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1">Do you sell the HO upgrade kit separately?? (I would like to build my engine before going above 425 rwhp, but would love to eventually be at 500+)
  2. What is the difference between S-trim and t-trim???
1. The upgrade kit is available separately.
2. The T-trim has the ability to flow more air than the S-trim. Performance data is shown blow.

-Fits engines up to 680 horsepower
-Maximum airflow: 1,000 CFM
-Maximum boost pressure: 20 PSI
-Maximum impeller speed: 50,000 RPM
-Adiabatic efficiency: 72%

-Fits engines up to 825 horsepower
-Maximum airflow: 1,200 CFM
-Maximum boost pressure: 26 PSI
-Maximum impeller speed: 55,000 RPM
-Adiabatic efficiency: 73%

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