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Which roller rockers will fit?

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I asked earlier about using 351W heads on a 289 - or maybe a 331 stroker build.

The heads will be rebuild with screw-in rocker studs and guide plates. But I would like to keep my original blue 1968 stamped steel valve covers - is it posible to fit roller rockers underneath theese valve covers? Do you know if there are some rocker arms which are more compact in size and therefore a better fit? Is the biggest problem size-wise the adjuster-nut?

2nd Q: I have seen that both 7/16" and 3/8" screw-in rocker studs are available - base size on both are 7/16". Which is the best and will it make a difference if the engine is not going to spin all the way to 7000 rpm?

Mustang greetings from Denmark
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I have 351w heads on my 289 with Ford Performance roller rockers and a stud girdle. No chance of using stock valve covers on mine so I bought a set of Moroso tall aluminum covers and painted them Ford blue. You have to look twice to realize they're not stock.
i went 7/16 on mine with 1.6 roller tip rockers. 351 heads
My stock valve covers fit fine


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Hello Chuck and Gflemming,

Thanks for your replies.

I think I will keep my money on the roller rockers. Perhaps going for the "Harland Sharp rocker arms". I think they look slim and since I am not going for high lift above .500" - they would probably be an upgrade on the stock stamped steel.

If they will not fit...I will probably have to find OE-looking valve covers and paint them blue.

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