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Which short throw shifter?

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which do you think is better. the steeda or the bbk short throw shifter..opinions any one? thanks in advance.
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I guess very few, if anyone have driven both...??

I like my Steeda allot but have no clue what the BBK unit feels like...??
I've been askin' the same kind of questions....The stock unit is a little long on throw, but I don't want one that feels real notchy (which is a shame, cause I like the look of the hurst). I've shifted through the gears on a friend's Saleen, while sitting in the driveway, and it was a little too short. Not really suiting my taste. Dunno if there IS an answer, but I'm looking forward to feed back from you guys with shifters installed....

On a related idea, anybody tried Steeda's urethane bushings for the stock unit??
B&M now has a shifter available as well. The general consensus is that anything you do to shorten the shift will also make it feel "notchy" since you are raising the pivot point and the feedback from the trans becomes exaggerated. For instance, the Hurst is smooth as silk when disconnected from the trans linkage shaft; connect it back up, and you get "notchy". It's the trans linkage, not the shifter per se.

Poly bushings on the stock shifter would mean the same long throws with less "give"....a different idea that I've suggested would be the stock rubber bushings on a short-throw shifter like the Hurst.
Overall the feel of it more matches the personality of the car anyway, IMO. I saw a picture of the short little long-throw sloppy stock shifter last night and thinking about how it would feel to go back gave me the willies.....almost hurled on my keyboard!!!!
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Hmmm...I see what you mean...I guess the only option left is for you to drive down here so I can try out the hurst!!:happyhapp
ultraclyde said:
Hmmm...I see what you mean...I guess the only option left is for you to drive down here so I can try out the hurst!!:happyhapp
Yeah? Well, lemme see.......'bout 700 miles to Macon from where I'm at.....figure about 5 hours driving time..........gonna be a bit over 100 bucks fuel one-way....then figure the same amount comin' back......200 bucks total, about what the shifter costs anyways....Hmmmmmm I could save some time and just buy it for you I guess, but,.....hmmm........

No, think I'd take the drive anyways.....I'm always lookin' for a good excuse for some windshield time! :laughlitt
the stock shifter is about 4 & 5/8 inches from 1st to 2nd. What is it with a short throw? thanks
nonsensez9 said:
the stock shifter is about 4 & 5/8 inches from 1st to 2nd. What is it with a short throw? thanks
Wow... now we're getting hightech here... I have NO idea... depends where you measure too... at the knob I'd guess... I'm gonna say 2.98" with the Steeda Tri-Ax... :winks But to be honest I'm more impressed with how precise it is, it KNOWS where to go next, I swear! Click click, short, right there, VERY nice!
OK for cripe's sake, curiosity got the better of me so I headed out to the garage with a ruler an measured my "throw".....What? What'd I say??? Stop laughing willya?!!

The Hurst is 2 and 1/4 inches all the way from 1st. to 2nd., measured from, um, the back of the ball.

I said stop laughin' already!!!
I have the hurst and it rocks!!!! I don't see how you can get any shorter!!! My brother has a 65 GT 350 clone with a hurst and when I saw it I had to have it!!! So IMO just go with what looks good they are all extremely short!!!! The hurst to me just looks the best with the classic style.
thanks guys. sounds like an item for my "must have" list. :happyhapp

Anywhere to get a shorter "throw" clutch?
Mgw - The Favorite Of Cobra Owners

I researched this topic quite a bit in the forums and the consensus among those who have successively owned/used almost every brand is that the MGW shifters set the standard. Also, it is apparently quieter than the stock shifter, to the contrary of most after market short throws which are usually noisier.

However, I called MGW and they do not yet have a shifter for the 05/06 Stangs, so DON'T order their current Tremec 3650 shifter as it doesn't use the same linkage as our cars.

Here's a link to a write up of the one for older Stangs:

The good news is that they're designing one right now and promised me it will be offered for sale this winter: I'll wait for the best.

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