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Which Supercharger for 06 Roush?

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I just ordered an 06 Roush Stage One. I can't seem to find any information on the Roush Supercharger. If you go to their website, it states that it is not street legal. The Ford dealer says that they do install them, and they are legal. The Vortech supercharger is 50 state legal and they claim 480h.p. It appears that the Vortech comes with 39lb. injectors. I wanted to keep it completely Roush, but it is possible that Roush doesn't even manufacture their charger. If someone has info, please let me know. I was trying to stay away from the screw style chargers.


Chris B.
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they are legal in the sense that you can use them, but the roush kit does not have a CARB EO# issued yet which means it is not legal in california at this time.Roush does NOT make their own kit entirely.The blower is an eaton style from Magnuson superchargers and the brackets etc. are made by roush.Injectors,fuel system etc. will likely be fronm another company as well.If you decide to go with the vortech kit let me know as I can probably get you a good deal...chris
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ford will try and void your warranty with a blower on the car, but keep in mind if something happens to the engine they cannot automatically void it just because you have a blower on the car..They need to prove the blower caused any damage to the engine etc. or it is a violation of the magnuson-moss act...Also, I have had my vortech on the car for about 4k now with no issues whatsoever and I drive 60mi each way to work 3 days a week! is a flawless kit from what I have friend sean from extreme mustang will match the best price you got from that online house.He does all of vortech's special projects along with GMS,steeda and saleen's special stuff.He is a personal friend of mine so if you want call him @ 818 883 8836 and tell him chris from banks referred you.Make sure you mention the deal from superchargers4less and he will match it for you.Oh, BTW that guy is a pharmacist who does online selling on the 'net so he carries no inventory...just a little tid bit of info for you
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that picture has been on their website for months!
Keep on thing in mind.Your dealership covering the roush kit under warranty should something happen is solely up to them.some dealerships that install a blower kit will warrant the product,car etc. should something go wrong, BUT remember one thing: if you should go to ANOTHER dealership for service etc. they can and most often will VOID YOUR WARRANTY.I know this first hand working here at Banks.We have tons of ford,chevy and dodge dealerships that sell and install our products, but often times a customer will take their vehicle to another dealer for serive because they moved or whatever and that dealer wants nothing to do with the products that are on the car and will attempt to void the customers warranty and then it gets into a BIG mess.There are also many dealers who install Vortech blowers as well and again it is a "dealer to dealer" decision, so remember just because it says "roush or saleen" on it does not mean is is covered under your factory warranty policy issued by ford!.These items are still considered "aftermarket" add ons and although both companies work directly with Ford (as we do ) they are designed to alter the original configuration of the vehicle and therefore can be subject to warranty denial...So, in short save the $$$ and get the VORTECH!
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