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which to choose? 2005 or 2002

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i used to own a 2002 mustang gt and im thinking about buying another mustang and i wanted some oppinions on which would be better a 2002 or a 2005 both gt and also facts on why which is better.. thank you
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I am a fan of the 05. Much better chasis. 02 is still based on the fox chasis. Also the after market for the 05 has just exploded,.
well... obvi the 05 is better... same car but newer more power.. more options.... no contest... now u could spend way less on a 02 GT and get a realy low mile one and have money left for mods... or get a 05... 02 has 4.6 2v SOHC 260 hp, 05 has 4.6 3v SOHC 300 hp... so yaa newer is better. but decide what u like better for body style, and price range...

id get a 02 for way cheaper and throw lots of mods on it...

there is almost no point in going for a 05 if u can get a few more K$ and just skip all and get a termi and be done... haha
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Welcome to AFM! They really are two completely different experiences so that's kind of a hard question to answer. I know what prices you've found on either or what your budget is but I'd almost be inclined to get an older model and spend some extra dough going FI or fully building an engine. There's nothing better than seeing a clean, earlier model Mustang on the road to offset the tons you see that have been beat to death.

Just my .02... Thanks for joining and have fun!:bigthumbsup
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I have an 2002 and I love it. But I really like the newer body style.
i have an 07' and i really love it. i think that the body style really brings back the look of the first mustangs from 64' to about 69'. also your going to get more power from stock and i think the interior on the 05-09's is 100% better than an 02' model, escpecially if you get on with the upgraded interior with leather and stuff like that.
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id go with the 02 GT love the new edge mustangs & you can pick them up for dirt cheap and mod the hell out of it. the 4.6l 3v are more superior but not by much..99-04 all the way
thanks for all the advise it really helped... and one more question if you dont mind i will prob spend at most 25 grand from a 2005 to the 2009 which is better? like obviously the newest one is better but which just feels the best if you know what i mean..cause i loved my 2002 gt and i went and drove a 5.0 L 2010 gt and my 2002 seemed like it had more power then the 2010.. the 2010 seemed like it changed gears to fast..
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i just want a mustang that i can make look like a beast.. and i feel like the 2005 to 2009 you can make look so badass
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