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which tuner?

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This is likely going to be a heated debate, but I'm going to ask anyway. Which is the best chip/reflasher system out there and why? I realize it depends upon one's goal, so I imagine there probably isn't one that's best for everyone. All you folks out there who have had good and bad experiences with aftermarket tunes please share your experiences.

Thanks in advance.
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does it keep the log in memory so that it can be downloaded to a PC at a later time? And will it track top speed - cuz it's difficult to be precise, especially for those of you that can wrap the speedo.
kj_cinci said:
Yea, it enables you to read error codes if you're unlucky enough to get a CEL... it can also be used for seeing what's going on, as mentioned above, what does the computer do to your timing, fuel flow, etc. You can also check temps, preassures, and more... it logs, reads and displays the data the computer is working with from all the sensors in your car...
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