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which tuner?

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This is likely going to be a heated debate, but I'm going to ask anyway. Which is the best chip/reflasher system out there and why? I realize it depends upon one's goal, so I imagine there probably isn't one that's best for everyone. All you folks out there who have had good and bad experiences with aftermarket tunes please share your experiences.

Thanks in advance.
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Diablo Predator datalogs up to 90 minutes. I am surprised that it is not widlely known here that it does. I have two because I like them. But I think the two (Xcal and Diablo) are capable of the same thing only difference I see really is that the Predator has a much larger screen.
ultraclyde said:
I bought the sct xcal2. My reasoning was that it seemed to offer more end-user adjustability, and I like the datalog capability. I've been very happy so far. The one downside is that there seem to be fewer shops overall that work with SCT than diablo. The only dynotuner local to me is a Diablo affiliate, but i'm willing to do the extra work to datalog and work over email with a good tuner when the time comes.

I think mostly it comes down to the relationship you have with the people tuning your car. If you find guys you can trust, go with the system they're using.
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