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whipple - coming soon??

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was bored and checked out the Whipple website. Apparently they are releasing an s/c for the '05/'06 on 2/1/06.
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Looks like a good SC to consider.
I wonder what's different on the 10 pound boost over the 8 pounder that warrants an addition $1000
Possibly the intercooler?!?!???
Has to be the intercooler and what is the "tuner kit"? Looks interesting though.:eyepoppin
Interesting, interesting. In addition to this Kenne Bell was supposed to have their supercharger available this month.
wow this setup seems really cool . alot of power, it may be better than the saleen . if i cant buy the saleen befor their price increase, i will seriously consider the whipple s/c. with a 10lb pully on a saleen what are the hp/tq #'s? thx vynle:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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