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White Letter Tires for my 2005

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Does anyone make them? I have the factory 16in V6 wheels currently, but I want to upgrade them. I will either go with the factory GT 17in 2005-2006 wheel or the GT500 chrome wheel from American Muscle that is an 18X9.5.

The answer i have gotten so far is no. Most tire companies offer WLT up to the 15in and truck tires. Do they make 15in rims for a 2005 V6?

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just my 2 cents! i don't think they would look very good!
You can always get the tire letter paint, that way you can have any size tire you want.
It looks like a regular marker W/ a small tip. We used it on our Ducati moto tires and it looked nice on bikes, not sure about a Stang. Lockhart Phillips makes them.
Check out the Tire Rack website. Goodyear shows a few sizes in 16, 17, and 1-18 inch, 285/60R18. Eagle GT II's.
After looking further, the 18 inch is a black sidewall. The 16 & 17's are white letter.
225/60/16 Goodyear Eagle Nascar RWL your best be on stock 16"s

I seen a few pics floating around, looked pretty good I think.

I had them on my T-bird, The yellow letter version, which they do not make anymore

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