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White letter tires

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Ok, so Im looking for some suggestions on how to do this properly. I photoshopped some fat white letters ( F1 style ) onto my tire and I really want to do it now... I drew up a template and made a stencil, tested it on a box and it worked great! I was all excited and then did it to my tire with white plastidip. Needless to say the stencil didn't cling tight enough to the tire even when I taped it down, and the spray looked like crap. I still want to do this, but just looking for suggestions on how to make it work. I thought about maybe having some vinyl stencils made so I can just stick it to the tire, spray it, and then remove it. I found some places online that make real rubber letters but they're like $25 per wheel. Not looking to spend $100 on white letters... Anyway thanks in advance!


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You could try some stick on vinyl sheet to make the stencil out of so it would stick to the tire without tape.

You could also use paint pens and free hand it.
Years ago I bought a white letter tire paint marker from Auto Zone or some such. Took some time and a steady hand but the results were pretty good. The stencil idea sounds good if you can keep the edges sealed down.
Just an idea - how about making the stencil out of vinyl so you can get it to properly cling to the tire & use spray paint. White plastidip turns dirty very easy on tires for some reason, and rubs off when you try to clean them.
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