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Whiteline Panhard Bar/ Rear Brace

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For anyone looking for an adjustable panhard bar and rear brace, Whiteline is the way to go! Thanks to them producing an outstanding product, I noticed an immediate difference in handling characteristics. Much more stable under hard cornering, stiffer rear suspension, and the axle is finally centered thanks to the elementary school easy adjustability. I have no complaints whatsoever with the parts.

Install was flawless. Panhard bar came with very detailed instructions but most won't need them. I used a lift and all was all installed within 30 minutes or so. As with any part being installed under the car, a lift makes things much easier but definitely could be done with a jack and stands.

Here are some before and after shots as well as a comparison photo vs stock. Just thought I would share. :)

Videos of the car in its natural habitat coming soon... :grinroll:
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I will second this post, they might be more expensive but their is a reason why.

QUALITY made parts.

Although I am not running the brace with mine. Did you try it without the brace curious on what the difference would be if its worth getting.
Now go get their LCA and relocation brackets. Whiteline is what I have on all of my cars.
Do they give you a discount for rocking those stickers?
I have Whiteline PHB, brace, LCA, relo brackets, and front and rear swar bars ... so far 100% happy with it all.
Do they give you a discount for rocking those stickers?
It's his ride, why should you care?
It's his ride, why should you care?
Lol....just curious. Calm down.

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