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Who do you think won? my Stroker GT vs. an STi

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Ok so I was out driving the other day, and out of nowhere I see a newer STi get behind me at a light, and so I get all excited because I havent raced one yet. So we turn the corner, and he guns it past me, and of course im like d*mn that thing is fast. So i go around the person in front of me, and get up to a stoplight with him. He looks over with a smirk on his face and nods his head like a "hey whats up?" So i nod back, and at this point, I have noticed a stock exhaust, so I assume its stock. Either way, his AWD will kill me off the line, so I decide to just chill with it. So the light goes green and he takes off, so Im thinkin to myself, ok well when he hits the speed limit, ill just catch up to him and go from a roll. Well he didnt slow down...
so here is where it all starts ...
he at this point is 3-4 car length in front of me, and pulling (partial throttle im assuming because im not flooring it yet...). So then i say well F that! and i hit it in 2nd, and then i realize he has hit it too, because his rear end drops! So im goin crazy because im finally racing an STi.
I still baby my TKO500 even after like 8k on it, so im a slow shifter, but about half way thru 3rd, i have matched his speed, and have started to pull up on him. by the end of 4th, my front bumper is at his rear bumper, and then i hit 5th (and with their high axle ratios, im assuming he is now in 5th too). so I go in 5th for a few seconds, and then by the time my front bumper gets to his front bumper, he hits his brakes. keep in mind we are up around 120mph at this point. So then i hit my brakes, and call it a victory.
So i call one of my friends and tell him I won, and he agreed, and said good job. then i call another friend, and hes like "u didnt get in front of him, so u lost, u got smashed by a stock STi!" to that, i say "wtf? i caught up to him and was right next to him and PULLING when he hit his brakes... so ho did i lose?" and he said well u were doing 120, and in a quarter mile u wouldnt be that fast, and u were still behind him, so u lost. so i say, but i started off 3-4 carlengths back, and then i closed it on him, so how did i lose?
of course, he doesnt let up because he just wants me to lose apparently. he agrees i had the potential to win but says "u lost this one tho, because u never got in front"
so then my other friend (who said i won) started to agree that i lost because "the STi hit his brakes, so he was acknoledging he won, and u should too. so i throw out this statement ... "so if u and i were out onthe road (and he has a cavalier) and u were 3-4 in front of me, and then i started to come up on u, and u hit ur brakes before i got there, does that mean u won?" so hes like good point ... u won, lol. so then the other friend is like "no way man, then i have beat u every time we raced (he has an AWD turbo talon) because u give up before i do, so i win then.
so i tell him hes an idiot because when him and i race, we are side by side, and when i hit my brakes, its because im in front of him and pulling still, so i obviously have one already. so he says no and that im an idiot, and that the STi won, and that he has beat me every time. and im like HOW?! the STi was in front of me, and i closed it up on him until i was right next to him and pulling, then he hit his brakes, so i win...
he says no way, then he wins all of our races, and again im like ... no ... its different cause we start out side by side, and the STi was 3-4 in front of me.
then a 3rd friend calls me, and he has a big16g FWD eclipse; and i tell him the story, and hes liek yea u won ... plus, hes like "i can stay right next to an STi, and that was with the stock turbo, and so now im faster ... and ur faster then me too, so yea, u would and did win"

Sorry that was so long ... but what do you guys think? Who wins? the car that was in front and going to start off with, or the car that was behind from the start, and then caught up before the one in front gave up?
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had they both started from that roll lined up evenly yoshi would have put 4 lengths on him by 120. yoshi is teh win!!!
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