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Wich injectors should I get for my set up?

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I'm thinking of upgrading my stock MAF to 70mm since I have bbk cold air induction and 70mm tb, I guy told me I should get 24 lb with my stock sensor and 30 lb with the one that comes with it?
What are my stock injectors and is it worth it?
There not that much done to my car yet so its mostly stock with mostly bolt ons and full exaust.
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Unless you have upgraded the heads, intake, and exhaust, I would not go upgrade to 24lb injectors. 19lb will do just fine.

19lb is the stock size.

I would go with a 73mm MAF meter.
how about 70mm, will that be just about as good? or worth it? I can buy a used on that is a ford motorsport 70mm and I can pick it up for a killer deal thats why I want to see If I could get away with the 70.

So keep the stock injectors and use my stock sensor with the new that about right or am I starting to loose it?
I have a c&l 73mm housing with 19lb and 24lb calibration tube that I am selling for $110. Let me know if you or anyone else wants it.

PM or email me.
sound good. you dont think I should get a 70mm.
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