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Wide 315/35 ZR20

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Has anyone put wide tires on the rear of their s197 as wide as the 315/35/20s?
If you have I would love to see pics. Were their any clearance issues?

I was looking at this package:
Black Godspeed Omega Wheel and Tire Package Sale (20" Deep Dish NT05 Tires) 05-2011
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I have 315/35/20 NT05's on mine, but on 20x11" Steeda Spyder wheels. 20x10's are almost too narrow for that tire per Nitto recommendations (they suggest 10.5-12" wide wheels).

I thought Godspeed Omegas were available in an 11" wide version? If so, they should have a 62-63 mm offset instead of 45 mm, otherwise they'll stick outside of the fenderwells.
Everything he said. I put them on 10.5" wheels which I think is as small as you want to go. Wider would be better but they look fine and seem to handle fine on the 10.5" wheels.

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