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Wider rear wheels/tires

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Has anyone gotten new wheels and not gone wider in the rear? Satisfied/regrets?

After doing a little research I'm starting to think I'd like to maintain a square setup and not go any wider in the front from the stock 8.5". That would maintain the same handling characteristics, I could use my current tires since they're not worn out, and I wouldn't increase rolling resistance in the back since I do a lot of commuting. Also the regular width tires would be cheaper to replace long term.

But wide out back looks so good...
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I agree with you. If you want a car to play with , get an older mustang.
I second that. Maintain the square set-up for communting. The wider rear tires look great, but not so much on daily drivers.
When I wear out my stock tires I might replace them with something wider, although probably keep the same width all around 9-9.5 likely.
I also commute and use my car as a daily driver. I just blew out a tire and decided to go wider in the rear.
255 front and 275 rear.
So far I have noticed little to no wheel spin when I smash it, more traction especially with the all seasons (general g-max as-03's) out back in this cold weather. Cornering is about the same other then when I mash it, it will sometimes throw the end out which I like anyways. Unfortunately, Gas mileage on the computer has gone down from 18.4 average to 18.2 with 3.73 gears after two weeks. (500 miles?)

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When I wear out the 255's that are setting in the garge for the winter now, I will go 275 all around but they will probable be Continental DW's all around :bigthumbsup
I have the am Saleen style rims with nittos and have 18x10 rear with 275 tires and havnt had any ill effects. Average 18.5 mpg very good traction. I run 255 on the fronts. I like them so far.
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