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Will a gt500 lower arm be an upgrade for a v6!!!!

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So i wanna buy lower arms for my car, and i see a gt500 lower arms on craiglist WIL IT BE AN UPGRADE ON WHAT I HAVE??:?:
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why the arms? Have you done shocks, struts and springs? Gotta walk before you run
Do you mean the LCA in the Reat? They should be a simple remove and replace.
LCA´s in the rear give more stability while at high speeds + a less whobbly Rear end, of course for ideal Use, Shocks Springs etc should be improved too.
The Front L Shaped Lower arms? should be also a direct replace.
Yea I'm.sorry the RLC arms I ment, its for 30 bucks so should buy AND upgrade my old ones
The GT500 LCAs use a little harder bushing so would help some but there are aftermarket parts that use urethane bushings or in the case of J&M use urethane along with a polyball that is far better than the GT500 part.
THANKS I'm not going get them
the gt500 has the frpp (for racing) arms. they are alot better than the stock v6 arms. if they are new, thats a great deal as they are over $100. i bought a set but then went with upr chrome moly arms. but that set goes for around $270.
Yea I'm.sorry the RLC arms I ment, its for 30 bucks so should buy AND upgrade my old ones
If you do decide to look at them closer, make sure that they are the silver FRPP bars and not the stock base/GT black LCA's. If they aren't silver, you don't want them. They will be no better than the stock ones you have. I have the silver LCA's on my v6 and it made a heck of a lot of difference. It was a great change out in my opinion.
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IMO, the OEM LCAs (GT500 or otherwise) are not enough of an upgrade to justify the work to install them. Good tubular chrome-moly arms with polyurethane bushings like UPR's Pro Street arms are well worth the labor and expense.
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