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will it be a kill?

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I have a guy talking major **** about his supposedly stock 99 v6 firebird will beat me. Posting on Fbook and all that it will take my 2000 Gt. What do you guys think? Also what would be a good rpm for me to launch at. I have street tires.
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He would need to have quite a bit of stuff done to his car, or at least a shot of N2O in order to get you.

For launching on street tires, just roll into the throttle.

Call him out on FB, suggest racing for pinks and talk about how much you'll enjoy modding the crap out of your car with the money from selling his.:winks
Unless hes hiding something under the hood, you should have no problems wining.
yeah, fat, heavy and slow are the only words for that Firebird...with a paltry 200hp you'll stomp it
Haha... i had a 96 3.8 firebird as my first car. That thing was so slow.. i would clock 0-60 in 9-10secs. Thats a 15-16sec car. Why even ask this question? Lol. Its just like guys with stock 150hp Hondas that think they can beat us because they are *lighter* that firebird is heavy and slow

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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