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Win a Saleen Mustang

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McDonald's Sweepstakes Contest

Win a Saleen Mustang
Order any new Premium Chicken Sandwich
or a 32 oz. beverage for your chance to win.

Try one of McDonald’s new Ranch BLT,Club or Classic Premium Chicken sandwiches, or enjoy a refreshing 32 oz. beverage, and just peel off the attached game piece. If you’re an instant winner, you could drive off in the car of your dreams: a Saleen Mustang.

Other instant prizes include Flat Screen TVs, Roc Box MP3 Players, Real Wheelz Tuner Jackets, Free medium fry with purchase of Premium Chicken sandwich, Free medium soft drink with purchase of Premium Chicken sandwich and more.

Game ends 10/2/2005.

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I'm 0 fer 2 in Mustang entering contests. MickeyD's … yucko. Maybe I'll get one and let my Lab's eat it just to enter.
SONNY don't you dare feed that posion to your lab. Give it to a friend instead.
Just buy a large drink...
theyogawarrior said:
SONNY don't you dare feed that posion to your lab. Give it to a friend instead.
LOL, My pig labs are eating all the tomatoes and cucumbers out of the garden now!. The female chases striped bass and bait out in the river. Maybe a whopper will slow them done. I'll go get the large drink … for my 14 year old son. :winks
There's not a man, woman or child on the face of the earth, who doesn't enjoy a tasty beverage.

I love how the bottom reads "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY" lol
this is BS I bought a 32 oz drink as well as a premium chicken sandwich, didn't get a single game piece, I was pissed!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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