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Window tinting tips

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Does anyone have any tips on tinting the front and rear windows on the Mustang? My biggest concern is the front windows with the way they roll down into the door slightly. Did you do something to pull the rubber trim back or take off door panels? Is it safe to do one sheet in back or are several strips the way too go?? Thanks.
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I have been thinking about doing mine, as well.

How do you avoid the "bubbling off" of the tint (caused by defrost) on the rear window?
When you install window tint there are a couple of key factors that go into it. 1st and most importantly. ONLY tint in a clean WELL lit garage. Lighting and cleanliness are of upmost importance!! The next thing is DO NOT buy cheap window film. I usually use llumar film or Madico film. Now this is just my preferance. Im not downing any of the other brands at all. To keep the tint from bubbling it has to be installed properly, which means no dirt on the film and getting all the soapy water or whichever lubricant you choose to put the film on with. If you have bubbles around the defroster lines in the back window. If you cannot get them out with a squeege you can use a heat gun on a LOW setting and make sure you keep it a safe distance away from the film so you dont not burn it. Those are some of the basics. Just remember use Good film, a clean environment, and pleanty of light, and DO NOT get in a hurry!! Take your time! Hope this helps!
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I would take it to a tint shop to avoid the aggrevation. The only downside are tint laws which VA has, so I'm stuck with 50% front and 25% back, but only paid 150 and didn't have to deal with any of the crap, because trying to tint can be a pain in the A$$!!!
+1 on lumar tint
+1 on take it to a tint shop

I had mine done a few weeks ago. 35% on the driver and passenger window, 5% on the quarters and rear window. took them about an hour and a half. and it looks fantastic.

It's really not worth messing with yourself unless you know how to do it. especially not on these cars given the sheer size and hard to reach ness of the rear window and the front windows which roll down into the doors an inch or so when you open the door.

paid $169 out the door for mine, with a warranty that says if it messes up, or it starts to bubble, etc.. I can take it back and they will redo it.

just google search for tint shops in your area and look for one with good reviews that offers pricing and options you want.
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another vote for having a pro do the job, having it done is cheap compared to the frustration of doing it yourself.:bigthumbsup
Hmmm.....if it's only that much I may take it somewhere then. I though most of the shops were charging around $300.
had 2 2010's done together, local guy i found on did both in 1 day for $100 each.

can't beat it:bigthumbsup
This is a job best left for the pro's. you could try yourself but you will be wishing you had let a pro do it - it is worth the money.
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