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Windshield Washer Switch

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When I bought my 67 Mustang It already had the washer motor and all hoses taken out, so now I'm going to put the motor back in but I just can't seem to figure out where the washer switch is. I have the Chilton book but It doesn't say. Anyone out there know where the switch is? on the wiper switch?
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Hello.Welcome.:)The washer pump for the 67s doesn't have a switch.It's a mechanical pump.There should be a small pedal on the left side of the floor,similar in appearance to a parking brake pedal.You pump on that and it squirts the fluid on the windshield.Hope that helps.And again,welcome :).
Sorry if this picure is HUGE, but this is my first attempt at adding a picture to this site. Could you look at this picture and tell me if I'm missing something, or where this mechanical linkage is for the washer pump? Also when I bought the car it had a little light/switch thing on the right of the steering column that I've still yet to figure out what it controls/does. Thanks


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Hi again.:)Here'a couple of pictures of what it should look like.If you look in the area of the high beam switch on the floor,just to the left of the emergeny brake handle you will see the little pedal.In the picture of the Shelby you can see the little switch on the side of the steering column.If yours is in that location and similar in appearance it's the emergency flasher switch.Hope that helps.:)
I guess the old owner took out the pedel for the washer pump, mines missing it. The light/switch thing I was talking about I circled in this picture.


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Hi again.:)That's your seat belt warning light.They weren't wired into the seat belts like a modern day car.It is just supposed to come on when you start the car and then go off after 10 or 15 seconds.It was more of a seat belt reminder light than an indicator that you had failed to put on your seat belt.Kind of cool ,actually,and moderately rare.:)
Wow. OK, I'm curious, now... If you know, Veronica, why did they go from an electric washer pump in '66 to a mechanical washer pump in '67? Seems like a step backwards to me... :confused:
Hi again.:)I'm sure the decision had something to do with the fact that it is a much cheaper system to build and a much simpler system to install.Apparently,the new car buyers also felt like it was a step backward, because Ford dropped that ridiculous assembly for the 68 model year and went back with what people prefered.Hitting a switch is much easier than stomping your foot like a carnival horse counting apples.:)
you hafta admit tho its freakin funny as hell when u'r pumpin it and u'r passenger is like what are u doing???? lol
I think Ford tried say the switch to the foot pump was for safety. You could wash the windshield without taking your hands off the wheel. I think it's kind of neat much like the old push button trans control Chrysler had or the mirrors that mounted on the dash. It adds charecter.
I'm bumping this nearly 5 year old thread because it is pertaining to exactly what I need to find out. My entire windshield washer system has been removed from the car and I was shocked (yet relieved) to discover 5 minutes ago via the parts catalog to see a 'windshield washer pump pedal.' Which explains why I was confused as hell when my electrical schematics book showed an actual hose going through the firewall for the windshield washer set up.

Veronica the pics you posted aren't there anymore. Can anyone post pics so I can piece together this set up?

Also, what's the correct protocol regarding the reservoir for the 67 Mustangs...I've seen 3 different ones offered for 67s: two bags--one with Gold Ford, one with white FOMOCO, and a solid white plastic reservoir.

It's great that nearly every problem I've googled, I'm always directed here to the answer as some of the first hits.
Here's the pedal assembly out and disassembled for rebuid. It mounts just above your dimmer switch, you'll see 4 holes in the firewall and hopefully a plug will still be hanging there to plug in the wiper switch. Have you noticed that your wipers don't park after use? This is why, when you hit the foot pump it activates the wipers (manual intermittent :kooky:). Without completing the circuit the wipers won't automatically park.

Let me know if you need pics of it mounted, you usually find rust at the 4 mounting holes from dripping water when the o-ring dries out.


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wow that explains so much. I saw that there the other day and was like 'what the hell is this thing?' I'll have to check that out now. I've never experienced anything running or operating on my car yet. I acquired it with a blown and partially disassembled motor.
Hello. :) Here are those pictures. They show the location of the pedal when it's in the car. The change from the bag to the plastic bottle was a mid-year thing. I'm pretty sure that the gold letter bag was right for 67, but, the white letter bag is what everyone reproduces on the cheap now, but, I could wrong about that. Jon or Jason would be the ones to ask about that. :)


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The 67 bag had the gold lettering and the outlet in the middle on the bottom , the earlier bags had white letters and the outlet was offset towards the shock tower ,
They switched to the plastic tank sometime in the 67 model year roughly about the same time as they switched to the short shaft steering column with the rag joint .
I know it was after late February ,That's when my car was built with the bag not the reservoir
that helps a lot. Dallas Mustang gold lettering bags were actually cheaper than the white lettering bags...they're around $18 I believe...I think the bags look classy. I have the solid shaft without the rag joint so I think I'll stick with the bag.
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