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windsor in a fox!

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i have an 84 gt mustang w/ a late 70's windsor. it is bored 30 over w/ hyper. pistons. rebuilt stock heads at 9 to 1 compression. it has a 488 lift cam, 600 cfm holley carb and an edelbrock airgap intake. that is the basic info. i am wondering how many horsepower i am roughly looking at?
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sorry it is a 351. i did not know 302's were refered to as windsors also.
In order to run any dyno program we would need the camshaft timing info or maybe the brand and grind number of the cam.
when you say timing info. are you refering to degrees? if so it is 12 degrees advanced. i'm not sure of the brand or grind number b/c a speed shop suggested it and when i installed it i did not think to check. i do know its .488 intake and exhaust lift and i believe the duration is 226. hope this info. helps
Well, I was actually referring to the valve opening and closing events, not the ignition timing. But I have run a very rough approximate from what I can determine about your engine. Remember I do not have your cam specs, I am using reasonable numbers to arrive at the specs you did have...

So I get 249 HP at 4500 and 5000 RPM and a max torque of 320 lb. ft. at 3500 RPM. That could change quite a bit if I knew for sure valve sizes and year on the heads. I used the after '77 sizes and head type.

thanks for the estimate
any suggestions on how to get about another 100 horses out of my 351w?
bamm624 said:
any suggestions on how to get about another 100 horses out of my 351w?
A set of earlier 351W heads(if cheap enough) or a set of aftermarket cast iron or aluminum heads w/1.94 and 1.6 valves, a good set of long tube headers, a Msd or similar ignition box and dual exhaust(2 1/4") with a crossover or X-pipe. :winks

Or you could install a 100hp NOS unit :happyhapp

Either method should get the 100hp gain.
i found the info. on my cam which is made by PBM, grind# 160166. when i had my heads redone i had a machine shop install 1.94 and 1.60 valves. i also have a flowmaster dual exhaust system w/o cats. and an h pipe w/ bbk shortys. hope this info. maybe helps and gets me afew more horses.
Well, things are looking up some!! I ran the dyno with your updated info(but same cam specs as I had) and came up with 302 HP at 5000 RPM and 358 lb. ft. at 3500 RPM. So now you only need another 50 HP!:) I would suggest a better cam like a Crane, Comp, or some other brand name cam, they will have a more aggressive ramp and profile than that rebuilder brand cam. Your intake will easily support your power goal, as well as your exhaust. The only weak spots are the cam and the head flow. Do you know if the heads were ported at all??
i ported the intake and exhaust ports myself. to get better air flow. what is the max lift you would suggest for a cam. i wanted something that wouldn't rattle my doors off but still something w/ some roar. i guess letting my choice up to a machine shop cost me a wasted cam huh. and what can i get away w/ w/o having to grind my valves? and i did have my heads decked so i'm sure that increased my compression some. plus i did forget a ready to run msd distributor that i have on the motor w/ a blaster 2 coil. i'm sure i forgot something else too!!!!:happyhapp
Well, the lift does not have a direct affect on the idle, the duration has a much larger affect. I believe the stock springs can only handle about .500 lift, so that will be the limiting factor. I tried a couple different Competition Cam profiles(loaded into my dyno) and in order to get more power with the stock heads the lift was all over .500 with durations ranging from 270 to 290* advertised with 224 to 230* @.050 lift. They bumped power up to 335 HP and 377 torque. I think in order to get more you would need some fully ported heads and a touch more compression( near 10:1).

Once again these are ESTIMATES, I do not know how well your heads were ported, the exact cam timing, and the actual compression ratio. I am going on my experience and what I have learned about Ford cylinder heads in particular to get close.

That particular cam is as large as it can take, it starts losing power any bigger. It would need higher CR, better flowing heads and likely long tube headers to gain anymore.
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well Putt i appreciate all your helpful info. if i have any other questions or concerns i will be and sure to look you up in the future and i'm sure i will have plenty more. have a safe and happy new year!:happyhapp
You are welcome:)
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