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winter driving!

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now i do plan on putting my car up for the winter.but do you guys feel its ok to drive it when the roads are dry? now a couple of days ago we had some snow and the city did salt. the roads were dry last night so i took my car out to drive. when i got home i inspected my car and found no dirt (i.e. salt on my car). if i wash it ( underneath) and only drive on dry road days , will the car be ok? thx, vynle.:?:
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wow ,no thoughts huh?
salt sucks.

even traces will tend to get washed down into pinch welds, and if you plan on keeping it more that 5 years, you may start seeing the effects. I *hope* mine arrives without being salt sprayed- unlikely though unless we get a good rain a few days before it ships or it arrives in a covered trailer(yeah...right).

what I hope to do is to POR-15 paint inside the doors(bottom crimp is always one of the first places to get salt into), and inside the rockers- I like the way POR15 tank sealer flows out, will likely use that in the rockers, jack car fore/aft to coat in the bottom pinchweld areas. if the car sees salt before I get it home though, might need to see best way to neutralize any salt/dry it for a few days before sealing. The quarter lip on the new stang is crimped much like a doorskin, which worries me a bit too, I plan on tank sealer in there too, but will require pulling rear seats/side panels to get in there. figure drilling access holes under sill plates least invasive way to seal rockers(havent looked closely enough to even know if possible). biggest worry would be getting paint where its not supposed to be...lots of masking, that is the messiest paint on earth and will not come off once it sets up.
shy of going to such extremes, the only other way to keep it nice is chassis bath carwash at least a couple times a week- salts not biggest problem- any dirt tends to cake in the seams and hold moisture(and salt) and eventually will get thru the galvanized/whatever they have for corrosion protection. would suggest heavy undercoating/por-15 or roll on bedliner for rear wheelwell crimp area- any stone chips at the seam will invite water in and it will not be possible to clean that out ever. keep that seam closed up tight from the outside, wash it underneath often, hope for the best. I've had quite a few cars driven year round, usually get about 10 years before it starts showing any rust- just gotta keep it washed underneath. set of floormats that hold water would be good too- carpet wet with salted water from shoes combined with abrasion constantly is another surefire rust area.
I have other cars to drive in the salt, but eventually this gt will have to get some salt on it(if not before delivery) and I do hope to protect this one from rot more than any other car I've ever owned.
Also- look underneath- lots of bare metal there- wash with metalprep, rinse, rinse, rinse, and por15 all this and it will look new just about indefinitely. Axles, misc brackets...coat of paint can only help- metalprep first converts any iron oxide to iron phosphate and stops any existing rust from ever blistering up under the paint. POR15 if youve never used it really aint a paint- its a 'moisture cured urethane' that humidity cures, no solvents will remove the plastic film it dries to. properly applied you need a grinder to remove it. good stuff. metalprep is mild acid- wear goggles!

wether or not I drive mine in the salt- man Ive waited too long to sit back and look at it till spring...if it arrives in time might just take it to florida as-is ! etch/paint later. POR15 actually sticks better to treated/prior rusted areas anyway...rockers to me (if they have vertical pinchweld like 99% of other cars) will be mandatory step1, maybe later for everything else. My markVII rockers started to blister last year, and upon going in found entire length of both side rotted from pinchwelds out(its a 1989). sealing this vee shaped water collecting seam would be #1 priority for any new vehicle I ever buy. the 'drain' holes just invite saltspray from the front to flow thru and collect at the bottom, and as inside a sealed part of the chassis, you cannot EVER clean it out. if sealed and ths crud builds up a bit, who cares.
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I find no problem with that, I always drove my mustangs year round, the only rust I got was from the spoiler (86) just a bad drainage design.
Salt and water won't harm your car as long as the temp is below freezing.
If you are worried about it, take it through a brushless carwash that has undercarriage wash.
those were my thoughts too. i went to a laser car wash the day after we had snow, and also washed underneath. its not like im gonna drive during snowy conditions, like when they salt. mostly when the roads are dry ill drive . i know theres always a chance you get caught in the snow, but its good to drive the car also,plus its fun to drive this car. plus hose the undercarrige down at home on nicer days. i do want this car for a long time but also want to drive it.thx for your input, all . vynle.:)
I live in MN. they like to salt very heavy. Alot of car guys dont drive there ponies in the winter and wait till theres a good rain or two to wash the salt off the roads. I guess it up to you and how long you plan on keeping the car, also I think the resale value will be higher if not winter driven.
Move to AZ is a thought. I live 50 yards from Nantucket sound and my cars get salty just sitting in the garage. The road crews here salt when it's f-ing 45º out. The dirt and salt they throw down in the winter is a crime. I've seen the plow truck right up the sanding trucks A$$. Talk about wasting tax dollars. I could go on for hours. Good luck to all who run in the winter. I'll go for it when the roads are clear.
I'm not too sure where you live, but some areas in extreme cold conditions...the salt is not very effective. They may use more sand. So it may not corrode as much but the sand blasting may occur.

One of the biggest areas that I see getting affected is the undercarrage. The frame and all other unpainted parts. These areas are basically bare metal. And even salt residue with water can be a problem.
I am not too certain about the liquid sprayed de-icer's that are being used more often. I will have to look into that....
With that said, I do DRIVE my car. Believe it or not...but I've has already seen '05 Mustangs that are trailer babies. I don't know what fun the car is if you don't really drive it or are afraid to drive it. I can understanding storing it in the Winter, but C'mon.....let that horse free in the Spring, Summer, & Fall !!!!!!
Even with knowing it is risky.....I know I will be going through withdrawl in the winter months and will probably sneak it out like you a few times if I know for a fact the salt is BYE BYE. :laughlitt
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oh for cryin out loud what if salt gets on the bottom...i plan to drive this car evry dry day i got...i put mine up for a good part of the winter not so much for salty days but cause of bad drivers...really....i drove my other mustang all winter last year and the only thing affected by the salt was the chrome wheels..(dont drive the shiny ones in the winter!!!) heres what you should worry carts outside of supermarkets...little guys throwin footballs...any women or chinese drives within a 20ft radius of your car and spontaneous games of dodgeball on your you know how much salt you have to accumulate under your car to affect your performance? and if your worried about how it'll look under your car.................dude you could be hit by a meteor hard and love the women harder today
Fortunatly, I live in Seattle where we get very little snow, and they don't sand/salt the roads.

Have you thought about under coating? I don't know if it's worth it... or if it's good or bad.

I hope whatever you do, the car gives you many many years of enjoyment.

Personally, I can't wait till it snows...gunna go do donuts in the parking lot and see how my baby handles in the snow. Gotta test it out so when I'm out on the road I know how to handle it.

My '01 coupe rear-end broke easily in the snow but it was also easy to handle in those fishtails when it snowed out. We'll see how the '05 holds up.
Ive had my Gt since last November...Live in The area of Baltimore...This is my everyday driver...Drove it in the snow last winter..granted...last winter was pretty mild as far as snow and ice...I really didnt have any major problems...I wish I had a way to store it but i dont...Just remember this word...

KISS....Keep It Slow Stupid...No offense meant to anyone...:worship
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